How It Works

When you sign up for monthly "Your Paint Box", you will have everything you need to launch your journey into becoming an oil painter and expressing the artist in you!

Step 1


Your first box will contain a small set of water mixable oil paint, the one brush you will always need, a very necessary palette knife, canvases and palette paper. Written and video instructions for two lessons is included. Subsequent boxes will bring you new lessons, additional brushes and larger tubes of paint!

Step 2


Your Paint Box project box will show up at your door! Inside will be canvases and  monthly painting supplies, along with written tutorials and a link to the step by step video tutorials for two oil painting projects.

Step 3


Set up your painting supplies and link into the Youtube video tutorials, then join Kathryn as she walks you through each painting step by step. These lessons will include many helpful techniques and ideas that Kathryn has shared with her many students over the years. Then post a picture of your finished project on the Facebook YPB Group page and Instagram with #yourpaintbox and join in our community!

If you are wondering if this is the right project box for you, ask yourself:

 Have I always wanted to learn to paint? 

Where and how do I get started?

 Once I learn the basics, can I develop my own style?

 Is there a teacher who really understands the fear and frustration of a beginner? 

Can I find lessons that are fun, easy and rewarding for a novice?

Is there an affordable way to get started in oil painting?

Your Paint Box is the perfect affirmative answer to all of the above questions! 

Or, perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Your Paint Box also makes a unique, memorable, even life changing gift!

Start your box today!

Join Kathryn and her hundreds of students, who have fallen in love with the medium of Oil Paint! 


"The expert in anything, was once a beginner." 

 It all starts with the first step!