Choose a Subscription Plan

Choose a month-to-month, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription here. Please note, a full, small set of 12ml paint, a high quality brush and a palette knife are included in your first box, and all individual month to month purchases. (If you choose to go with the month to month purchase and don't choose a subcription plan, you can avoid paying for and receiving a new set of paint each time you order an individual month, by going into our shop and buying "Past Projects" after your first month. These projects come with the written and video instructions for the two projects, but no supplies are included.) In the 3,6 and 12 month plans, subsequent boxes after the first month will come with a different size brush and a single, larger "color of the month" tube of paint, along with canvases and palette paper each month.

Month to Month

Purchase a single month. This box comes with everything you need to complete two oil painting projects!

3 Month Prepay

Pre-pay for 3 months of Your Paint Box and save!

6 Month Prepay

Pre-pay for 6 months of Your Paint Box and save even more!

12 Month Prepay

This plan offers the most in savings and makes you a member of The Beret Club!